Silverback Throwdown 2019. Anmälan öppen. Partävling för 35 år eller äldre.
Holistic boxtävling + Gala Night 16 november. Mer info i FB gruppen.

CrossFit Holistic – WOD90

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Session 1


15 min OTM

2 Squat cleans 100/70 kg + 7,5m Handstand walk

– Scale weighs as needed and if you cant do hsw. Do your cleans and then try to work on you hsw for the rest of the minute.

Clean Pull (3×3 @80% of 1RM)

Session 2

Metcon 1

Metcon (Time)


Cal Row

Thrusters 50/35kg

Metcon 2

Metcon (Time)


Cal Bike

KB Swings 28/20

Metcon 3

Metcon (Time)


Double DB Squat snatch 2×22,5/15

Burpees over the DB
Scale DB Squat snatch for 1DB if 2 is to hard.